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60 minutes

  • Designed to work through the specific mental, physical or emotional issue you are dealing with.

  • Practical tools you can apply going forward.

  • Session recording.


 60 minutes

  • Energy clearing session for you, your house, a property or land, a legal issue, a business etc.

  • If you’ve been going through a rough time mentally, physically, spiritually or dealing with psychic attacks or entities this will help you transform your frequency to a more empowered and negativity free state.

  • Practical tools you can use going forward.

  • Session recording.


45-60 minutes

  • This is an in person session where I will be using advanced energetic hands on healing techniques to work through the specific issue you are dealing with. These sessions are for people and animals.

  • Here's a list of sessions I offer: 

  1. Access Bars

  2. Access Body Processes

  3. Access Facelift

  4. Energetic Synthesis of Structural Embodiment

  5. Abuse Hold 

  6. Symphony of Possibilities (can done distant too)

  7. Body Whispering (can be distant too)

  • I am constantly on the move, I request you to get in touch with me to know which city/ country I am in for these sessions.



Over 1-3 days

  • Quantum healing with the help of a device to determine the best frequency for you.

  • Scan reports.

  • Multiple sessions until your frequency and aura is optimized.

  • These sessions are designed to raise your frequency so  you can resonate at a vibration that is most conducive to your well being. Vibrating at a low frequency is what attracts poor luck and ill health.

  • These sessions also help greatly with pain and can be done for you, your children, pets, your business, your houses, cars and really anything you can think of

  • Suggestions for appropriate bach flower/ homeopathy/ cell salt remedies.

  • You may also get in touch with me to buy the device for personal use or for your family.

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 60 minutes

  • Designed to give you guidance through tarot cards.

  • Tarot is not about future telling as it is to help you gain insight into exactly where you are, identify the direction you are heading in and what choices will create the greatest future. The future is not set in stone and our choices change the trajectory of our life. 

  • Practical tools you can use going forward.

  • Session recording.


60 minutes

  • One on one session in person or online.

  • Most of how we respond or react to things is based on something that occurred at a really young age. This gets locked into the body as cellular memory or what we call a pattern. It's what keeps us attracting similar unchanging situations in our life. Integrating the emotion with the corresponding sensation in the body creates miraculous results.

  • Great for people who are generally anxious, reactive, nervous, have panic attacks, a lot of physical aches and pains, have had a history of psychological or physical abuse or trauma.

  • Session recording.

  • Practical body integration exercises you can use going forward.