What consciousness?

Everything has consciousness. People, trees, rocks, the planets, gadgets, artificial intelligence. So what is it that we are asking for when we ask for greater consciousness on the planet?

Every consciousness, every energy has a pattern, a geometric structure. There's fractals that are in harmony with the vibration of life and those that are in conflict with our very cellular structures.

Disease begins when our cells start vibrating at a frequency that is not in harmony with the organic matrix of life.

The task is not to be high vibrational. There is no high and low. That again is a polarized mindset. The task is to find the symphony. To be the symphony. With the energy of living, of joy, of vitality, of unconditional love.

How dominantly in alignment with this symphony must every cell in our body be to out create, melt and dissolve anything that is not? At what point did we give up our connection to the sacredness that is life itself?

With the wars, the shootings, the sex trafficking, the pedophilia, the destruction of life and bodies and the absolute disrespect of creation, how bad must things get before we wake up to who we actually are?

The truth is we are all responsible. It's not those people out there dropping bombs. It's us and what we put in our bodies, from the food we eat to the thoughts we think. The things we have normalized. A culture of slavery, objectification. It's what we are training our cells to vibrate at every moment of the day. Conflicted cells create conflicted people. Conflicted people want to fight. Is it a wonder then that we are heading towards war?

Why is it that we have become okay with anything less than the absolute sanctity of who we are? Or have we become so amnesic that we've forgotten the creator beings we are and came here to be? What's it going to take to wake up, to have harmony, to go beyond conflict?

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