The Earth is Talking

We all know the mind is the problem. It’s the endless thoughts, the endless feelings and the endless emotions. We know the problem.

So we put our energy into looking for the solution, ways to be happy, ways to not be at the effect of our mind.

We found meditation, different healing practices, self help methods and everything we could to eliminate the negativity, be at peace with ourselves and yet we find ourselves struggling.

Why is it that I have to work so hard at just being able to be happy I wondered? If who we are inherently is energy, space and consciousness then why is it filled with so much gunk? So I worked and I worked and I worked at taming my mind, but oh what an endless, effortful process that is. I knew there should be an easier way. I know I didn’t come here to be living a see saw of highs and lows and constantly having to be vigilant so I don’t slip to the deepest despairs and the darkness of an endless abyss that is my mind. (Okay too dramatic, but you get the point)

The last few months there has been a massive amount of increasing unrest in my world. So one day I decided to sit down and identify moments and times when I have genuinely had peace, calm and happiness so I could duplicate that energy right now when I’m having the most amount of trouble trying to recall what that feels like. And I realized it was always when my body was happy. Not the manic high but a sense of contentment, presence and not having a destination to get to. I’ve also had the good fortune of having found a form of work that recognizes what a valuable tool the body is.

So I’m not even one of those people who can say that I don’t have the tools so why has there been so much unrest in my world and so many people I know? I realized the earth is talking to us. Our bodies are just smaller earth bodies. We do not give enough credit to the fact that when the earth is at unrest it impacts our bodies and when our bodies are at unrest it impacts our minds. And unfortunately when our mind is at unrest it’s impossible to even ‘think’ of productive long lasting solutions, all we become is more destructive, angry, resentful, frustrated and powerless at being unable to change it. It’s a vicious cycle.

The unhappiness, the lack of peace, the anger, the sadness, the million body aches, diseases, the unpleasant energies are just symptoms and communication. It is the language in which the earth has been talking. It’s just not language the way we define it. It’s trying to show us the impact of the actions we’ve been taking towards the earth through unawareness. This does not mean we have to give up our jobs and our lives and move to Australia to save the Koalas (while that is an option too) it just means we are required to change the energy of things. That’s something we all have the ability to do on an individual level. If you are unhappy, stressed, not at peace, those are not reasons to feel more powerless and destructive anymore, it’s time to recognize that as the language by which the earth and our bodies are showing us what’s going on with them.

So how exactly do we change these energies, how do we tame the mind of its million thoughts? The easiest way for that I have found is through raising the consciousness of our body, by keeping our bodies happier. Our body is just a smaller earth body. It’s almost like this bridge between our mental well being, our physical well being and the planet. When the body is happy, it quiets the mind and that calms the earth. And when the earth is at peace we are more at peace and our bodies are disease free. We are all interconnected.

If we can claim this communion with us, our bodies and the earth, we will also become vibrationally compatible to taking physical actions on an individual level that are contributive to the planet.

What does the earth require of us right now? What contribution can we be to it?

It’s been talking to us for far too long. The whispers have turned into screams. And this is just the beginning of the end. Unless we do something about it.

Here’s a video on how you can contribute to the planet energetically:

Here’s one on how you can have more communion with the earth:

And here’s one about the body processes:

And if you're hungry for more here's a slightly longer, extremely brilliant, extremely contributive video:

If you’d like to learn more about the access bars or body processes you can visit

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