Beyond Judgment

I recently attended a Being You, Changing the world class with Dr. Dain Heer. This class in particular began with a whole lot of judgement coming up in people’s worlds. Now usually when this happens, I’ve realized it’s the last straws of that energy showing up so it can be cleared and changed for good. Funnily enough, it didn’t really hit me until class was done. Usually at the end of an Access Consciousness class there’s a sense of peace and lightness in my world but this time it was different.

I was required to be more of something that would clear this energy for myself. This wasn’t the usual run of the mill energy of judgment. There was this all-pervasive sense of paranoia, wrongness, plotting behind my back, people not liking me, doubt and just waiting for the other shoe to drop. My natural response was to instantly go to the wrongness of myself and analyse all the places where I may have done something, said something or hurt anyone, or wonder who’s trying to get me? Because when a tree falls in the forest, are we still wrong? Of course 😊

Now there’s a universe of these energies available to be aware of, especially after a class like this where our awareness is especially heightened. But just cos we are aware of these energies doesn’t mean they are necessarily relevant to us or that we have to do something about it. Just the process of going into clearing the energy we make it real or wrong or something that requires fixing or protection from. What if in that moment we chose to have total allowance for the existence of such energies? What if the awareness of it was our greatest protection? What if we could trust that the universe has our back, we’ll deal with whatever shows up and what lightness could we choose in the face of it all? Would these energies then continue to impact us, be that significant and run our lives?

I also went back to the recordings of class and magically ran into the exact conversation I needed to hear that would change this. Everywhere we think people don’t like us because we’re putting such a standard of perfection on us that we judge us out of people’s worlds can we destroy and uncreate it all? Right, wrong, good, bad, POD, POC, all 9, shorts, boys and beyond. (For more information about the clearing statement go here). The only reason any of this could even exist in my world was because somewhere there were tendrils of where I was still judging, still making me wrong and basically setting such a high standard of perfection for myself that all of those energies could even latch on. What if the problem is not other people’s judgments or the fact that we are aware but the places where we are making ourselves wrong, abusing and gaslighting ourselves with wrongness?

Can we really control what people think of us? Is it really our job to constantly be on the edge of fixing and defending where someone might have misunderstood us? How much separation do we create every time we assume someone is thinking the worst of us or someone’s out to get us? How aggressively present are we now required to be with our choice for allowance, lightness and magic so that we would never ever be at the effect of not just other people’s judgments but even those insidious places of self-judgement, self-abuse and self-gaslighting? What if we could recognize that we are simply aware of the wrongness and judgment and we have a choice to choose something different? What if we could start to use our crazy levels of awareness to create greater for us and the planet rather than against us? What if we could go a little easy on ourselves and have total allowance for judgments. What if judgement and wrongness truly became just an interesting point of view?

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