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Updated: Feb 6, 2021

There’s been several world events ( and unaddressed personal events that I managed to shove under the rug ) that have made me question what kind of world I’d like to live in. It takes for that one thing to happen which jolts you and shocks you out of the comfort and complacency so dynamically that you don’t have a choice but to look at things.

When we see things happening around us how much have we gone into one of these responses:

1. Doesn’t concern me, not impacting me personally in anyway so whatever. (Indifference)

2. Anger and reaction, then followed by hopelessness cos well what can I do anyway.

3. Sadness from the sort of world we live in.

4. Oh everyone has a choice so it’s okay. (Acceptance)

If you have gone into any one of these I don’t blame you. We live in a world that is predominantly based on fear and there’s very little out there that empowers you to know what a difference you can make.

But I am writing this today to offer a different perspective. We create our reality. With every stance we take that is the energy we are contributing and that is the reality that gets greater. The indifference, reaction, sadness, anger, acceptance is simply just an outpouring and expression of the powerlessness we have learnt to be okay with and that is exactly what we are contributing to. With every atrocity we are willing to turn a blind eye to we are simply allowing us to become more desensitized to something much worse to come after that. And sure, none of these things may ever impact you personally but are you okay with living in this kind of world?

What if I told you, YOU get to create the world you live in, would you be willing to, not necessarily from the actions you take, the actions are just a physical manifestation of your intent but from how you respond to things?

We are not solitary beings. We live in a universe where every molecule is constantly energetically interacting with all other molecules. Your response to a situation becomes the energetic contribution to that situation. When we do anger, sadness, indifference, and acceptance that is more of what we are adding to. If instead you contribute a different energy, one of curiosity, one of hope, one of change, demand and difference, one of possibility that itself allows for the quantum entanglements of the universe to rearrange themselves to provide what you’re asking for. It may not always be instantaneous but the process gets set in motion. And with enough of us asking for a greater world, how much more of a reality can that then be?

I personally do several things that are unconventional by the standards of this reality and most of my time and energy is spent on things that other people would not necessarily choose, it has often lead to me wanting to give up or leave me with a sense of what’s the point no one else wants this anyway or a sense of feeling alone. But when I tried to make myself be okay with what other people are okay with it made me want to kill myself. I didn’t want to live in that sort of world. It was too boring and just not inspiring enough. It felt like I had to choose between being alone or dying.

Are you willing to fight for the possibilities you are aware of? Even if no one else wants it? Or is your life dictated only by what other people approve of and can receive? Are other people the only valuable product in your life? Or will there be a point where you value you too? And choose for you even if no one else came along. Where you fight for the possibilities you are aware of. Where you don’t let people and this reality abuse that out of you.

The thing that kept me going was who cares if anyone else wants this? I do. I want what I’m looking for and that’s enough for me. I stopped fighting the fear of being alone. Several people left but guess what several other people showed up. Because I started receiving me and my possibilities and I started to ask for people and energies to show up who wanted what I wanted. And beautiful gorgeous beings started to show up in my life who facilitated me having more of me, the greatness I am aware of, the empowerment, the joy, the laughter, the fun that is possible. If you wait for other people to receive you before you receive yourself, you’ll be waiting forever.

How often have we given up on the possibilities that we are aware of because people tell you you’re too idealistic, that’s not practical, get real. Guess what? If you are aware of it, its not an impossibility, your very awareness is the possibility that no one else has access to and that’s what makes you unique. So every time you reject that possibility the world moves one step closer to not having it become a physical reality and you move one step closer to death.

For those of you who gave up what you knew is possible I want you to know that it still is. Just ask. Start somewhere. Stop abusing you. Stop letting other people abuse you, stop letting this reality abuse you. Be a force. Be willing to trample anything that comes in your way. Don’t be okay with the status quo. Fight for what you are aware of. When was the last time you asked yourself what kind of world you’d like to live in? Or would you not even bother cos you’ve given up?

For those of you who didn’t give up, who kept trucking it without listening to the voices, thank you for your courage, our world is greater because of you. Just from you not giving up hope, the possibilities get to exist in the world for someone like me who is looking for something different. Thank you, I get to live in the world as an empowered rather than a powerless being because of you guys.

Here’s a book I wanted to add for those of you who are interested in possibilities, being empowered and creating change from exactly where you are and from being who you are: .

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