Anyone and everyone that ever met me knew I was going to grow up to be a Doctor. I brought home (much to my mum's annoyance) injured people, pigeons, puppies, sparrows, turtles, rabbits, chicks and well anything and anyone I knew I could fix. I was always a healer. Becoming a doctor was what I thought, the way to change and heal the world. However, by the time I got to the third year of medical school I realized the allopathic system was not even close to what I knew was possible with people and their bodies. The limiting structure of the system, the symptomatic approach to disease, the destruction of bodies and the invasiveness of it all was suffocating and definitely didn't seem like a very effective first approach to overall well being. As I went on to finish med school a journey to the search for something greater had simultaneously begun.

After going through countless metaphysical trainings and modalities I came across the tools of Access Consciousness®. Something about it was different compared to everything I’d done so far. Super stoked I came back to college and did a session on a friend. When the 2 year old painful lesions on her legs disappeared in a week I was totally blown away. This for me was first hand experience of how our thoughts create and impact not just our emotional reality but also physical. I'd found energy work that could give tangible results and at a speed that nothing else had so far.  This for me was groundbreaking.

Even though what drove me to this system was the change that I saw with bodies it became very evident to me very quick that these tools could be used to change any area of your life. There is a simplicity and effectiveness to them which frankly amazes me every day.


Dr. Sonal Keswani is an MBBS doctor and an Access Consciousness™ Certified Facilitator.  She is an  intuitive energy healer and teacher, with over 10 years experience of training in different modalities and working with people to break through their mental, physical and emotional core patterns that keeps them from the freedom that is possible. 

She facilitates workshops and sessions globally. She especially enjoys one-on-one sessions pertaining to the toughest, darkest, murkiest areas that are seemingly unchangeable. 



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