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Anyone and everyone that ever met me knew I was going to grow up to be a Doctor. I brought home (much to my mum's annoyance) injured people, pigeons, puppies, sparrows, turtles, rabbits, chicks and well anything and anyone I knew I could fix. I was always a healer. Becoming a doctor was what I thought, the way to change and heal the world. However, as I went through medical school I quickly realized that the allopathic system was very limiting. While it has its place, the symptomatic approach to disease and the invasiveness of it all was suffocating for me and definitely didn't seem like a very effective first approach to overall well being and healing. 

 I couldn't see a lot of possibilities or how to go about creating change in the way I knew was possible. Like most teenagers I turned to different coping mechanisms as a way to numb myself out. I found myself unable to establish connection with people in the way I desired. I felt overstimulated most of the time and I continually isolated myself as a way to find relief.  Traditional therapy was not helping. I felt powerless. I was getting by and surviving but what I truly desired was to thrive. I desired sustainability. So, as I went on to finish medical school a journey for the search for something greater had simultaneously begun. 

I went through countless trainings and modalities. Some not so effective, some absolutely GROUNDBREAKING. I had the luxury and opportunity to learn from some of the most gifted energy healers and had access to the most powerful thought leaders of our time. I discovered that I have an acutely high level of awareness of other people and several extrasensory abilities.  Over time instead of crumbling under my awareness I learned to utilize my gifts to heal people.  I am especially gifted with understanding the language with which our bodies communicate. If you feel limited in an area of your life whether its a physical illness, a mental health issue, addictive tendencies, relationship difficulties, trouble with your kids or even paranormal activity (those ones are actually my favorite) I probably have a simple, effective and effortless way of helping you change it. My job is to help you expand your life and live out your true potential.


Dr. Sonal Keswani is an intuitive mind-body specialist and an emotional support coach. With over 10 years of experience, she facilitates one-one-one and group sessions to help people achieve mental, emotional and physical breakthroughs in their life. 

Her work is a powerful blend of transformative quantum healing and empowerment.